Saturday, July 12, 2014

Haunted Hearts

Haunted Hearts - Initiate Me
Haunted Hearts - House Of Lords

A year or so after their bitesized Something That Feels Bad Is Something That Feels Good b/w House Of Lords introduction, the Haunted Hearts duo (aka: the husband/wife Crocodiles + Dum Dum Girls power couple) are back and offering up a few more tracks of layered fuzz and buzz and lush sonic swirls of psychy lo-fi goodness on the (fairly newish) Initiation full-length.

Initiation is available courtesy of Zoo Music

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Blackbird Blackbird

Blackbird Blackbird - Tangerine Sky
Blackbird Blackbird - Rare Candy

Big, big shouts out to Tangerine Sky - not because we’ve been impatiently waiting for a proper Blackbird Blackbird release for awhile now, or because it’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything at all - but mostly because of this disc’s delicious, summery vibes with swirls of uplifting synthy textures, and atmospheric guitars, and overall nostalgic feels that just make me happy for no real reason, ya dig? Play this one real loud for a pretty perfect start to the summer, all official-like, or to just feel happy again, for a change.

* For the locals: Blackbird Blackbird will be performing on Wednesday, June 25th at Crowbar in Ybor City

Tangerine Sky is available courtesy of Om Records

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Young Fathers

Young Fathers - No Way
Young Fathers - Get Up

Young Fathers released Dead several months back and I’m only just now able to start soaking up all of warped + warbly beat combos and off-the-wall influences from this experimental hip-hop Scot trio. Yeah, this is one weird record, for sure, with its genre-defying amalgamation of strange sounds and busy/bustling energy - but it’s weird in a good way, following up on the just-as-weird-in-a-good-way Tape One and Tape Two, which, of course, we also enjoyed very much.

Dead is available courtesy of Anticon.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


CYNE - Avians
CYNE - Tears For Uriah

Goddamnit I’m in a good mood, so let’s shout-out some more positive hip hop sounds to see if we can put all of y’all in a good mood, too. Perhaps the non-sequitur storytelling-style rhymes + crisp production and catchy beats offa the (mostly) optimistic and summery All My Angles Are Right long-player, courtesy of Gainesville-based (and maybe now PDX) peeps CYNE, will do the trick.

All My Angles Are Right is available courtesy of Hometapes

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mike Mass

Mike Mass - Get Busy
Mike Mass - 'Til I Make It (ft. Monica Delgado)
Mike Mass - I Just Go

Been a hot minute since posting on LJ, my hand was forced for a good reason. Tampa MC/Producer Mike Mass has dropped some of the dopest new Native-Tongue style hip-hop we've heard since forever-ever. His full range of flowin' on porch stoops, or gettin' the crowd hype with an unforgettably nasty party track like Get Busy is beyond impressive and extremely rare. DO NOT SLEEP on this unsigned artist!

Get Busy is already available courtesy of Mike Mass

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Tobacco - Eruption
Tobacco - Father Sister Berzerker

Yes, it’s weird, but what else would you expect? Ultima II Massage is the first proper Tobacco full length since Maniac Meat back in 2010, and it does a bang-up job of reintroducing the masses to more of Tom Fec’s crunchy combinations of bandsaw beats and woozy psych synths and vocoder vocals dotted with the occasional bubble-gum flavored pastoral melody. The inimitable Black Moth Super Rainbow and the dirty dirty Demon Queen collaboration have filled the void in between, natch, but this one is a whole other breed of aural oddity, second to none.

Ultima II Massage will be released on May 13th, via Ghostly International

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra

Thee Silver Mt. Zion - Fuck Off Get Free

Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything was released back in January, but I’ve been listening to it a whole lot more nowadays than I did a few months back, so there. If you’re not familiar with Thee Silver Mt. Zion and all of its aliases and incarnations, then brace yourself. Think extended, densely layered movements in multiple parts per proper track - an uplifting multi-instrumental orgy, if you will - all unabashedly presented with heavy doses of reckless abandon and meandering sound intricacies that are somewhat similar to, but still a wee bit more primal and booming than the musical fare refined by half-sibling act Godspeed You! Black Emperor and the rest of the extended Constellation Records family.

Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything is available courtesy of Constellation

Monday, April 21, 2014

Lilacs & Champagne

Lilacs & Champagne - The Door

Shower Scene is the first release in the Midnight Features series from the Lilacs & Champagne producer project (see HERE and HERE for more), featuring an expanded line-up and live instrumentation for an even broader re-interpretation of era-based theme-song stylings. Think overly noir ’70s-era pulp OST sounds - just as sleazy as you’d imagine - with funk-inspired grooves and crackly interwoven samples to round out this diverse collection of cult-classic-esque goodness.

Midnight Features Vol. 1: Shower Scene is available courtesy of Mexican Summer

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings - Psychic Trauma
Cloud Nothings - Giving Into Seeing

The follow-up to Attack On Memory sets a pace that I imagine must parallel the Cloud Nothings ever-evolving songwriting process. It’s a highly caffeinated jaunt that notches up the ferocity, bit by bit, throughout its eight tracks, building towards a proverbial breaking-point that never appears. So kudos to frontman Dylan Baldi for holding it all together with such ease, ‘cause while it sometimes seems that Here And Nowhere Else might come close to falling apart and crashing down into pieces, it never does, and continues speeding along, furthered by its own momentum and a breakneckedness intensity that will leave you gasping for breath if you can’t keep up.

* For the locals: Cloud Nothings will be performing on Tuesday, April 22nd at Crowbar in Ybor City

Here And Nowhere Else is available courtesy of Carpark

Monday, April 7, 2014


Wet - You’re The Best
Wet - No Lie

Is it really possible to develop a crush on someone, fall in love, then breakup and hate them within the span of one record? If you're Brooklyn-based trio Wet, then the answer is "yes" with a healthy dose of jangly-guitar driven synth-pop to boot. The band's self-titled EP is just four-songs long, but if you're not obsessed with frontwoman Kelly Zatrau after opening track "Dreams," then the next cut - "You're The Best" - will lock you into the kind of eternal-bliss/drunken drooling, oogling, and longing usually reserved for steamy nights on the patio of your favorite, dimly lit bar. It's all thanks to the cute, subtle auto-tune, programmed hand claps, and almost-creepy honesty Zaturau spills all over the record's 14-minutes. You almost feel like you completely wronged her as she almost cries on "I Don't Wanna Be Your Girl," but it all ends soon enough to remember it's all just pretend and start the whole thing over.

Wet is available now on Bandcamp