Friday, April 23, 2010

The Hundred in the Hands

The Hundred in the Hands - Dressed in Dresden

We haven't figured out why this track hasn't made more of an appearance at all of the local dance-parties. Seems like it should be everywhere by now, since the combination of a crunchy, bassy synth, and an aggressive, staccato'ed guitar sound (ala Gang of Four and, sigh, Bloc Party) should be enough to win over anyone who wants to shake their ass to dance-punk/post-punk/whatever beats. We're predicting that whenever this one finally surfaces, it'll be around just long enough to be sandwiched (and then suffocated) between whatever overplayed Lady Gaga singles are hot at the moment.

The Hundred in the Hand's upcoming EP, This Desert, will be released on May 18th, courtesy of Warp