Thursday, July 15, 2010

Double Dagger

Double Dagger - No Allies
Double Dagger - We Are The Ones
Double Dagger - Pillow Talk *

One of the many running jokes among the extended Liquid Jesus family is that we only listen to the songs that we can drink to. The (rather predictable) punchline, of course, is that we're professionals, ok? and we can pretty much drink to anything, so every song is a drinking song. Now, whether you agree with us or not, we're fairly confident that no one's gonna have trouble getting in the mood to toss back a few while listening to Double Dagger and their explosively loud and stripped-down, visceral sound.

* While these first two Double Dagger tracks are off of last year's full-length, entitled More, this lil' tune belongs to the fairly brand-newish EP, called Masks, but don't get us wrong - both releases are entirely awesome.

Both More and Masks are available courtesy of Thrill Jockey