Friday, September 17, 2010


BC - This Is Not A Song
BC - Fusion

Longtime Liquid Jesus friend and co-conspirator BC released the wonderfully sci-fi-tinged, soon-to-be hip-hop classic Time Capsule EP late last year, as the first installment of his intricately apocalyptic-laden concept Time Pieces Trilogy album/manifesto... And we're more than excited about it - just as much now, as we were then. Top-notch production via the ever-lovable (and completely badass) Mudd Buddha takes BC's eloquent/intellectual, rambling stream-of-consciousness rhyming style to new levels, and the end product is a dark, sophisticated lil' slice of hip hop heaven. Just thinking about the impending release of Part Two (whenever that's gonna be...) makes us drool with anticipation.

The Time Capsule EP is available courtesy of BC and The Pop World