Monday, September 6, 2010

No Age

No Age - Glitter
No Age - Depletion

Let's admit it... Who among us is not at least a little bit enamored with those pretty girls with slightly fucked-up smiles  - you know, the ones with a fairly decent set of chompers, aside from the one misfit incisor or canine that's just a bit outta place and clashes with the rest of the teeth in her head? It's pretty fucking endearing, and while this might be just a lame attempt at a meaningful metaphor (I dunno... I'm hungover. Again. Maybe what I'm trying to say is that the oh-so-boring standards of conventional perfection don't always make something impressive - in fact, it's oftentimes the less-polished and rough-around-the-edges that rightfully turns heads the most. Right?), for some reason, it's exactly what comes to mind while listening to the new No Age record.

Everything In Between will be released on September 28th, courtesy of Sub Pop