Friday, October 15, 2010

Caribou Vibration Ensemble

Caribou Vibration Ensemble - Sandy

Look, we're just gonna go ahead and cater to some of the local peeps to get 'em all juiced up for the Caribou show on Sunday night at Crowbar in Ybor City. Cool? But posting just plain old Caribou would be kinda expected, I guess, and by now I'm sure just about everyone's heard the beautiful and breathtaking Swim, so fuck it - here's Caribou Vibration Ensemble (Dan Snaith's 15-piece live collaboration project - featuring Four Tet, Koushik, members of Born Ruffians, and Marshall Allen, plus more - that exclusively performed at the 2009 All Tomorrow's Parties festival in NYC) instead. Excited yet? See you at the show, lil' buddies.

Caribou Vibration Ensemble is available ONLY at live events, courtesy of Caribou