Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Syl Johnson

Syl Johnson - Different Strokes
Syl Johnson - Concrete Reservation
Syl Johnson - Straight Love No Chaser
Syl Johnson - Fox Hunting On The Weekend

My man Syl Johnson has been at it for over 50 years, been on the same label as James Brown and Al Green, and at this point in his life is seemingly batty as all get-out (see HERE). Having been sampled by TONS of hip hop acts in recent years, Syl's funk/blues sound has been all over Public Enemy, Wu Tang Clan, Michael Jackson, J. Dilla, RJD2, and a whole slew of other artists' records. His steep catalogue, unhinged personality, and legendary track record has led to the upcoming massive release of his entire back catalog of music.

The Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology Box Set is 4 CDs and 6 LPs and is now available, digitally. It will be available in stores on November 9th, via Numero Group