Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zombie Zombie

Zombie Zombie - Halloween Main Theme

Over the last few months Delach has made a habit outta starting off all of his sets with the creeping, hypnotic beats of Zombie Zombie (especially from the wonderfully sci-fi synth-riddled/horror-flick-influenced full length, A Land for Renegades), so it's only appropriate that we now give credit where credit is due. With the new, appropriately titled Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter, the experimental Parisian duo - with their minimalist, ever-building beats and the ominous swirlings of electronic bits and pieces - tackle a handful of theme songs from John Carpenter movie scores (Halloween, The Thing, etc...), and in doing so, manages to flawlessly recreate the sense of dread and psychological despair that the director originally established in his classic films.

Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter is available via Versatile Records