Saturday, November 27, 2010


Gangrene - Boss Shit
Gangrene - Take Drugs

Joining creative forces under the Gangrene moniker, the collaborative, somewhat dream-team-esque pairing of Stones Throw alum/artist Oh No and producer The Alchemist unite to create a nifty, albeit rightfully strange, lil' concept album. Gutter Water is rife with textured layers of dusty, crackling crate samples, ghostly AM radio voice-overs, and guest spots from a slew of like-minded affiliates (such as Raekwon, Guilty Simpson, MED, Evidence, and more), not to mention the semi-obscure, yet infectious, series of hazy beats set down by both partners in crime. Common themes swirling throughout the disc include violence, disease, decay, and gratuitous drug use, natch.

Gutter Water is available courtesy of Decon Records