Monday, December 6, 2010

Neon Indian

"Brooklyn via Austin, Synth-Pop outfit Neon Indian today unveiled the new video for the widely, well-received single "Mind, Drips". Directed by Lars Larsen, the video features the first-time use of the LZX Visionary - a brand new piece of technology developed by Larsen and his partner Edward Leckie, which manipulates and creates images in the same way a musical synthesizer does for sound. The resulting video is one that compliments the track perfectly, bringing to life the sounds of the song with vibrant colors and imagery.

Hailing from Austin, TX, Larsen is an electronics designer and multimedia artist whose own work focuses on synergistic relationships between technology and subject and the resurrection of forgotten pre-Computer Age technologies. For this music video, Larsen used the new LZX Visionary in the tradition of esoteric video art tools used in the 1970's. All of the visual effects were recorded in real-time using techniques such as abstract pattern synthesis, video feedback, and analog compositing."