Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Soft Moon

The Soft Moon - Breathe The Fire
The Soft Moon - Parallels

With hauntingly, melancholic aesthetics reminiscent of certain early '80s synth acts, the sound of The Soft Moon isn't necessarily breaking any new ground - at least musically - but this lil' gem of a full length is so well put-together that it's a fairly refreshing listen, no matter what it reminds us of. The somewhat dystopian-esque atmospherics (created by the slew of hollow post-punk tones, generous amounts of reverb, a sparse yet driving bass line, and a set of sometimes indistinguishable, yet always unsettling, vocals) establish a slightly ominous, overall sense of foreboding and uneasiness throughout the entire album, and it's for reasons like that that we've been listening to this thing for weeks on end.

The Soft Moon is available courtesy of Captured Tracks