Sunday, January 30, 2011


Mogwai - Mexican Grand Prix
Mogwai - San Pedro

If you're familiar with Mogwai, then you probably already know what to expect - majestic (mostly) instrumental-rock that's laden with soaring guitar atmospherics, thunderous drum work, and equally impressive turn-on-a-dime changes - although it might be a bit disingenuous to attempt to pigeon-hole anything on Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, as this new album continues to showcase the band's talent at crafting an eclectic, ever-evolving sound.

Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will will be released on February 15th, via Sub Pop

Monday, January 17, 2011


Starfucker - Julius
Starfucker - Bury Us Alive
Starfucker - Millions

We've all laughed about it in the past, but it just so happens to be kinda true... and for the most part, each of the members of our so-called crew/collective plays an important part in the overall, everyday operations here at Liquid Jesus. RIG, for example, is the talent. Delach is the brains, and Colonic is the brawn. De facto member Mollie has most certainly got the looks, and Jimmie (because he chooses to show up only every once in a while) is the wildcard. Now, serious arguments can be made that none of us possess any of the above qualities (except for Mollie, of course, 'cause goddamn, she's pretty), but that's not the point. The point is... we're a fairly diverse bunch o' people, and we rarely all see eye-to-eye on anything. But lo and behold, each and every one of us can wholeheartedly get behind the new Starfucker album, Reptilians, and feel real good about it and ourselves the next morning.

Highly recommended.

Reptilians will be released on March 8th, via Polyvinyl

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Obits: Tonight!


This one's gonna be a good one, and all of us here at Liquid Jesus highly recommend your wholehearted attendance - if not for the tremendous amount of swaggering, crashing-down-all-around-you, infectious raucous 'n' roll, then come on out simply because it's Delach's birthday (apparently it's his big 27th - for the eighth time, of course…), and quite frankly - he might need you to buy him a shot or three. If you can't make it out, then please make plans to show up on Monday for our monthly Liquid Jesus event (and official b-day bash for Delach, Jimmie, and more!). Don't be lame, ok?

Obits + Gentlemen Jesse and His Men & New Bruises
Doors at 9:00 • $9/12 • 18+
Crowbar: 1812 N. 17th St. • Tampa, FL

Friday, January 14, 2011


Millionyoung - Replicants
Millionyoung - 001

I know Colonic's mentioned it before (way back in the early days of Liquid Jesus), waxing all poetic-like about South Florida's very own Millionyoung... but there's a pretty good reason for it, and now I'm gonna hafta wholeheartedly reiterate, ok? Smooth and sexy with just enough swanky electro-goodness mixed in, synth maestro Mike Diaz has made it abundantly clear that he's still got the goods on crafting ├╝ber-catchy tracks that are just as tasty to listen to with your clothes on as they are off.

Replicants will be released on February 15th, via Old Flame Records

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Young Prisms

Young Prisms - Sugar
Young Prisms - Stay Awake

Next up on the hype-train for Kanine is slacker five-piece Young Prisms. Fresh off a UK tour with label-mates Surfer Blood, their first full-length has got driving/dark/shoegazed-out tunes in spades. These lil' bastards aren't quite Slowdive or anything, but just might have enough moxie to grow up on future releases.

Friends For Now will be released on January 18th, via Kanine Records

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Deerhoof - The Merry Barracks
Deerhoof - Super Duper Rescue Heads!

Off-kilter beats, unsettling guitar/keyboard combos, and cutesy-girl vocals combined with some really fuckin' off-the-wall lyrics - Deerhoof is always quirky enough to keep it interesting, yet never quite annoying enough to distract from said quirkiness. Wildly innovative and determinately avant-garde would be a fairly appropriate, yet somewhat lazy and short-sighted understatement of a description (but we're gonna use it anyways), especially with this foursome who the only thing you can really expect from is never truly knowing what to expect.

Deerhoof vs. Evil will be released on January 25th, courtesy of Polyvinyl

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Pepper Pots

The Pepper Pots - Real Tru Love
The Pepper Pots - Dream Guy

At first it was hard for me to believe that The Pepper Pots were from Spain 'cause their tunes have the charm and nostalgia of The Supremes or The Ronettes, as does their stage get-up. Now! was produced by NYC genius, Binky Griptite (Sharon Jones & Dap-Kings, Amy Winehouse) which tells a lot of the story of this album. Drenched in Soul and Doo-Wop, the sounds of yesteryear can be found throughout this dancey throwback.

Now! is available via Black Pepper Records

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Braids - Plath Heart

Braids has already starting wooing themselves into favor 'mongst hipsters and more discerning indie aficionados alike, and it's not too difficult to see why they've been so well received... These talented, multi-instrumentalist youngsters are seemingly so adept at crafting eerily expansive and equally sublime, borderline hard-to-describe pop tunes that it's almost criminal. Native Speaker is made up of both spatially diverse, minimalist experimentation, and gorgeously textured (and often impossibly intertwining) melodies, a lil' bit of whimsy, and more than a few playful, yet oh-so serious twists and turns along the way.

Native Speaker will be released on January 18th, via Kanine Records

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Cake - Long Time
Cake - Sick Of You

Man, if I hadn't have been so, uh, preoccupied all of last weekend, I'd probably have spent a little bit more time enjoying this, the first Cake album since 2004 or so, Showroom of Compassion. Now I'm playing catch-up, and I'm slightly annoyed, 'cause all of these random bits of trumpet/piano melodies, crunchy baselines, and jaded lyrics would've been quite appropriate, accompanying all of those talls of Jameson 12 Year (and again, to wake up to, after sleeping off all the resulting hangovers).

Showroom of Compassion will be released on January 11th, via Upbeat Records and Cake

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Tanlines - Real Life
Tanlines - O Seizing The Day O
Tanlines - New Flowers

It doesn't seem like that long ago that folks had to have every album, be it an import or rare cuts, etc. from every band that they loved. The 1s & 0s, 3G networks, and vaporizing record stores have all but killed the majority of that ethos. Volume On is an import only release by this Brooklyn duo who have a lineage to Don Caballero, the tropical-afro bend to the chillwave tube is where these two reside. Think Talking Heads, pot cookies, Battles, drum circles, maybe?

Volume On is available via Family Edition