Saturday, January 15, 2011

Obits: Tonight!


This one's gonna be a good one, and all of us here at Liquid Jesus highly recommend your wholehearted attendance - if not for the tremendous amount of swaggering, crashing-down-all-around-you, infectious raucous 'n' roll, then come on out simply because it's Delach's birthday (apparently it's his big 27th - for the eighth time, of course…), and quite frankly - he might need you to buy him a shot or three. If you can't make it out, then please make plans to show up on Monday for our monthly Liquid Jesus event (and official b-day bash for Delach, Jimmie, and more!). Don't be lame, ok?

Obits + Gentlemen Jesse and His Men & New Bruises
Doors at 9:00 • $9/12 • 18+
Crowbar: 1812 N. 17th St. • Tampa, FL