Monday, January 17, 2011


Starfucker - Julius
Starfucker - Bury Us Alive
Starfucker - Millions

We've all laughed about it in the past, but it just so happens to be kinda true... and for the most part, each of the members of our so-called crew/collective plays an important part in the overall, everyday operations here at Liquid Jesus. RIG, for example, is the talent. Delach is the brains, and Colonic is the brawn. De facto member Mollie has most certainly got the looks, and Jimmie (because he chooses to show up only every once in a while) is the wildcard. Now, serious arguments can be made that none of us possess any of the above qualities (except for Mollie, of course, 'cause goddamn, she's pretty), but that's not the point. The point is... we're a fairly diverse bunch o' people, and we rarely all see eye-to-eye on anything. But lo and behold, each and every one of us can wholeheartedly get behind the new Starfucker album, Reptilians, and feel real good about it and ourselves the next morning.

Highly recommended.

Reptilians will be released on March 8th, via Polyvinyl