Monday, February 28, 2011

The Dø

The Dø - Bohemian Dances
The Dø - Slippery Slope

French/Finnish indie-pop duo The Dø have managed to weasel their way into all of our hardened hearts here at Liquid Jesus (those sneaky little bastards...) - first with their debut full-length, A Mouthful, and once again, with the brand new album, Both Ways Open Jaws... Now, we like to consider ourselves to be a bunch of fairly tough motherfuckers, you know? - but the band's highly innovative and über sexy/sweet/eclectic sound hits the spot in all the right ways, and just might be the tasty lil' recipe that gets us to lower our guards for a change.

Both Ways Open Jaws will be released on March 7th, via The Dø