Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mad Rad

Mad Rad - The Machine
Mad Rad - I Want Your Blood

Delach was recently reacquainted with Mad Rad over the course of a couple-three semi-drunken nights in Seattle after an impromptu drive across the country, and now he's kicking himself for so easily dismissing the new disc, titled The Youth Die Young, upon first listen a couple months back. No matter how downright dancey (or utterly ridiculous, depending on your sense of humor and taste) they may come off, the experimental, down-and-dirty, Northwest hip-hop aesthetic permeates throughout these tracks of debauchery and drug use, and because of its dark and delicious, electro-tinged, dance beat ambiguity, this disc just might get even the most stubborn enthusiasts up and out of their seats for a change.

The Youth Die Young is available courtesy of Mad Rad