Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Gayngs - Coercion Van (MK Larada regrind)
Gayngs - Sand In The Lotion (Cecil Otter regrind)

If you've been paying any attention, you might have noticed us blathering about our big-boy-esque crush on multi-contributor collaboration Gayngs in the past, so just imagine how excited we were about the outstanding Relayted full-length getting its bits 'n' pieces reinterpreted and reassembled by members of the Doomtree collective… and then released out into the world as Affiliyated. Normally, we try to steer clear of the cut and paste maneuver, but if you're interested, more info is available after the jump.

Affiliyated is available in its entirety as a FREE download, courtesy of Doomtree. Click HERE to get it.

To create the Regrind EP all of the stems from the bands debut album, Relayted, were arbitrarily named and compiled into a list... [A] collection of producers and musicians... were then instructed to choose only 10, without knowing what songs they came from or what instruments they contained. One could choose anything from four sax solos and six bass lines, to eight keyboards and two background vocals. The combinations that could be chosen were indefinite... the only certainty was that the parts would all be set to the tempo of 69 beats per minute.

From there, the re-grinders were free to chop, pitch-shift, and otherwise pulverize the stems into a new, cohesive song. The only rule was that they must use all 10 stems they were given, and that the tempo must remain at Gayngs’ standard 69 bpm