Monday, April 25, 2011


Movits! - Sammy Davis Jr.
Movits! - Na Na Nah! (ft. Timbuktu)
Movits! - Kulturarbetarblues

Quirked-out Swedish swing/hip-hop trio got the Colbert bump in 2009 for their debut album, Appelknyckarjazz, and afterwards the album reached #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop chart in the U.S. and Canada. Since then, the upbeat big-band style dance party has continued with their follow-up, Out Of My Head. Keeping the asses shaking, hips twisting, and proving that a language barrier clearly doesn't matter when it comes to knowing how to party!

* For the locals: Movits! will be performing on Tuesday, May 3rd at New World Brewery in Ybor City

Out Of My Head is available courtesty of Slimstyle Records