Thursday, May 5, 2011

13 & God

13 & God - Death Major
13 & God - Old Age

The unlikely collaboration project of German indie-pop act The Notwist and weirdo California hip-hop duo Themselves caused quite a stir amongst both of their then-inclusive communities of followers when they released their eponymous full-length debut back in '05. I imagine the follow-up album, Own Your Ghost, might shake a few things up as well, especially with anyone not already in the know. Take the beautiful and often quirky textual coupling of The Notwist's sublime, electronic synth-induced sound and the rapid-fire lyrical bombardment of Themselves' Doseone, and the result is strange and unsettling and wonderful in ways we can't even begin to describe... Look - we've been waiting for this one to drop for quite awhile, and goddamnit are we ever so satisfied with the results.

Own Your Ghost will be released on May 17th, courtesy of Anticon.