Saturday, June 18, 2011

Com Truise

Com Truise - VHS Sex
Com Truise - Cathode Girls

Dope, über-futuristic melodies and electro/glitch-laden pop grace the entirety of this brand spankin' new debut full-length by synth wiz Seth Haley, ala Com Truise. In a time when electronic music seems to be making a strange (and sometimes obnoxious) kind of creeping comeback, the nostalgic beats and quality spaced-out bleeps & bloops on Galactic Melt are a step up from much of the oftentimes mediocre pack.

* For the locals: Com Truise will be performing on Wednesday, July 13th at the Imperial Theatre at Czar in Ybor City, with The Glitch Mob and Phantogram

Galactic Melt is available courtesy of Ghostly International