Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fucked Up

Fucked Up - Queen Of Hearts
Fucked Up - The Recursive Girl

Our lil' crew contains at least one Lit. Major who's a notorious little bitch about language and how it's used (ie: me), and I think by now it's safe to admit that there are a few words out there in the lexicon that make me cringe a bit - and for no good reason at all, really... Words like luscious and moist, or casually calling a sandwich a sammie, and the especially excretable, onomatopoeic nom nom nom... Ewww! Call me crazy, but that shit really bothers me sometimes. But... wanna know what doesn't bother me... like, at all? A thorough and overly generous application of expletives, of course, and especially when used by bands (see HERE and HERE) who aren't afraid to include some straight-up offensive-as-hell naughty phrase in, or as, their namesake. Enjoy.

David Comes To Life is available courtesy of Matador