Monday, August 29, 2011

Stone Coal White

Stone Coal White - Hell Below
Stone Coal White - You Know

Chock-full of wah-wah pedal, hazy LSD flashbacks, and blaxploitation style funk-grooves, these tracks were recently found in the basement of a now-condemned motorcycle-gang hideout in Dayton, Ohio. Anyone up for a mid-week shroom-poppin' skinny dip with a bunch of lesbians 'til the sun comes up?

Stone Coal White is available courtesy of Numero Group

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Jam 7: Today!

Oh, man - I can't believe it's been seven years since the inception of this dope, anything-goes local event, and we're pretty sure that everyone who's anyone already knows what to expect. And look at this! The Liquid Jesus crew is gonna be playing music between sets - and at New World Brewery of all places - so you better believe it when we say that Walker's prolly gonna be drunk, and Delach's prolly gonna be drunk (and feeling sorry for himself, per usual), and Colonic's gonna be stumbling around like the OG hustler he is, all night long (he'll be drunk, too). I've heard there's also gonna be a buncha pretty great bands performing as well, plus a few other DJs buddies at Crowbar who will definitely maintain their composure a lot better than we will at the other end of Ybor.

Highly recommended, of course, so just make sure all you fools show up today for this boozy, multi-venue summertime tradition.

Summer Jam 7
5pm • $16 day of event
New World Brewery & Crowbar • Ybor City

Friday, August 26, 2011


CANT - Too Late, Too Far
CANT - Answer

Much like Proust and the taste of his beloved madeleines (read a fucking book sometime, heathens), music has a funny way of jolting buried memories back into place - and the amount of time I've spent lately listening to Dreams Come True is definitely gonna trigger some nostalgic shit from this summer (good and bad), when I listen to this album again years from now, on a whim. Don't be afraid. This debut solo album by Grizzly Bear vocalist/producer Chris Taylor (with top-notch production, wonderful/enchanting percussion, and lush, hypnotic melodies) is bound to bury itself deep down into all of your pathetic lil' psyches as well, and you're gonna love every single second of it.

Dreams Come True will be released on September 13th, via Terrible Records

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Team Ghost

Team Ghost - Echoes
Team Ghost - Colors In Time

Yes, yes, I realize that We All Shine is compiled, previously-released material from Team Ghost's two EPs, plus a few bonus tracks thrown in for good measure... but I know at least a handful of good lil' buddies who'll probably shit their pants over this collab (ex-M83, but nah - I'm not gonna mention that) and still haven't heard of 'em yet - so I'm not gonna let the retrospective nature of this release stop you from thoroughly enjoying these sublime tracks of shoegazey synth-pop tastiness.

We All Shine is available courtesy of Sonic Cathedral

Monday, August 22, 2011

Free The Robots

Free The Robots - Rattlesnake

Been pumpin' the new Mind's Eye EP since we copped it a few days back and it's most certainly hitting all the right kind of places. We've cultivated a love affair with Free The Robots over the last couple of years (as evidenced by our drooling over Ctrl Alt Delete HERE, and the split release with Exile HERE, and the collab with Busdriver HERE), and this new 5-track collection of warbles/wobbles and crunchy beats is quite a savory treat, indeed. I know a buncha you peeps aren't gonna appreciate this as much as we do, so be warned: these are some dirty dirty, hypnotic, crushing tracks of sci-fi glitch and doom for y'all to try to wrap your little heads around.

The Mind's Eye EP is available courtesy of Alpha Pup Records

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Active Child

Active Child - Playing House (ft. HTDW)
Active Child - Shield & Sword

Local peeps might remember Active Child from the School of Seven Bells show last October, or from the love we've already shown for the gorgeously crafted Curtis Lane EP before that. If not, then allow us to refresh your memories with the new full length, You Are All I See, and its textured/atmospheric arrangements of beats and melodies, plus the sweetest, most enchanting vocals you'll ever hear.

You Are All I See will be released on August 23rd, courtesy of Vagrant Records

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Michael Parallax

Michael Parallax - Vicious People (ft. Waylon Thornton & Quiet Coyote)
Michael Parallax - Wolves

Danceable, fuzzy-shoegaze? Sure! Gimme all 11 tracks please! Gainesville's Michael Parallax has been churning out EP after EP for about five years now and it seems that he's finally hit his stride of finding the balance 'tween melody, groove, and of course, the ass shakin' quotient.

* For the locals: Michael Parallax will be performing at this year's Summer Jam 7 at the New World Brewery stage on Saturday, August 27th

Vicious People EP is available courtesy of Michael Parallax

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Weeknd

The Weeknd - Lonely Star
The Weeknd - The Birds Part 1

Oh man! I'm pretty sure that Colonic's gonna just about wee in his pants over this one - especially after his enthusiastic endorsement of The Weeknd just a lil' earlier this year. More delicious, sexy/sultry, dark and dirty R&B to listen to while you're doing all of those dark and dirty things you're planning to do this, er... weekend.

Thursday is available in its entirety as a FREE download, courtesy of The Weeknd. Click HERE to get it.


Girls - Honey Bunny
Girls - Die

Breezy, stripped-down melodies and fuzzy guitars galore on this upcoming full-length release by San Francisco indie-pop troubadours Girls. While themes/vibes on Father, Son, Holy Ghost tend to seamlessly shift back and forth between over-the-top manic giddiness and devastating melancholy... more often than not, the disc delves into down-right gorgeous arrangements of catchy, introspective pop sensibility, regardless of subject matter.

Father, Son, Holy Ghost will be released on September 13th, via True Panther

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Knxwledge - Preservatives
Knxwledge - Spektrum
Knxwledge - FindAWay

Wonky-beatmaker/producer Knxwledge has been droppin' fresh collections of off-kilter tracks at a break-neck pace this year - with the retrospective Old.Klouds LP following last month's release of Hexual.Sealings (and then quickly book-ended with the brand-new-by-comparison Komposure EP). Think quickie beat snippets of sampled dialogue, atmospheric synths, and weirdo-yet-oh-so-tasty jazz/hip-hop infused loops - and all of it delivered in rapid-fire succession, so just make sure to catch your breath and keep up.

Old.Klouds is available courtesy of Knxwledge

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Coathangers

The Coathangers - Hurricane
The Coathangers - Sicker

Man, these Atlanta gals really know how to make some noise, and most of it is a strangely alluring mix of sugary-sweet pop and fuck-you-let's-party-style, caustic rock 'n' roll. To give y'all a better idea, we should insert the obligatory riot-grrrl reference right here (but we won't), so let's just say that it's sinister and menacing and abrasive, and a sexy good romp of a listen, too.

* For the locals: The Coathangers will be performing on Wednesday, September 7th at Crowbar in Ybor City, with Hunx and his Punx

Larceny & Old Lace is available courtesy of Suicide Squeeze

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holiday Shores

Holiday Shores - Shadie Spun Gold
Holiday Shores - Threepeat Got Old
Holiday Shores - Spells

"New Masses for Squaw Peak gifts unto us bold, surprising new textures and denser, cheekier ideas and themes. It’s packed tight with style: gauze-flange experimentation; jazz-chord death-pop; shifty proto-prog; historical and personal mythologies weaved through its passages. Yet, claustrophobic it is not. New Masses for Squaw Peak is as wide-open of a landscape as its title may suggest. It is also a well-traveled collection of songs: Laid to tape in the belly of an abandon Philadelphia textile factory; run through three mixing boards by three separate sets of hands; and ultimately sculpted into its final form by the gentlemen who conjured it in the first place."

Want more? Check out the bonus video of Threepeat Got Old, after the jump.

* For the locals: Holiday Shores will be performing at this year's Summer Jam 7 at the New World Brewery stage on Saturday, August 27th

New Masses For Squaw Peak will be released on September 13th, via Twosyllable Records

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mister Heavenly

Mister Heavenly - Bronx Sniper
Mister Heavenly - Wise Men

Since the members of Mister Heavenly also happen to be members of Islands, Man Man, and Modest Mouse, we've gotta warn you - Out Of Love is, um... just as eclectic and weird and unpredictable as you might expect. The strange, genre-defying goodness on the LP has been self-described as "doom-wop" and that kinda makes sense, I guess, especially with all of the jangling guitars, plunking piano keys, and '50s-inspired melodies and vocal choruses. What a fun lil' listen, though. Just make sure to expect a few twists and turns along the way, natch.

Out Of Love will be released on August 16th, courtesy of Sub Pop

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Gallops - Eukodol

Rather than listening to something a lil' more, let's say, soothing or delicate, what better way to deal with this bullshit insomnia than to rock the newish Gallops EP? ...and do so real loud? Yes, please! You might remember us blurbin' about these talented gents last summer, but just in case you don't, believe us when we say it - soothing and delicate, this ain't.

Joust / Eukodol is available courtesy of Holy Roar Records

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sleepy Vikings

Sleepy Vikings - Calm (Her Space Holiday remix)

*FULL DISCLOSURE* We here at LJ are buddies with the gals & guy in Sleepy Vikings and have had a proverbial boner for Her Space Holiday for well over a decade, as well... Drool! Here's what Mr. Marc Bianchi (aka: Her Space Holiday) says about the remix:

"I was really drawn to the emotional juxtaposition between the lyrics and the music in the song 'Calm'. On the surface there is the driving, empowering break up anthem, however the lyrics and vocals don't follow with the same head on approach to life's next chapter. Yes, you do have the declaration, 'It's over and I am not sad anymore,' but more importantly you have, 'Calm down my head.' A brilliant line that anyone who has loved and lost can relate to. This simple but highly effective chorus is what I used for the mantra to my remix."

They Will Find You Here is available courtesy of New Granada

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ital Tek

Ital Tek - Whip It Up

Crunchy electronic acrobatics galore and lotsa futuristic synths, wobbles, and darkened atmospherics on this lil' 4-song EP. Does this remind anyone else of the intoxicated, don't-give-a-fuck stumble/stagger back home last night, or is it just me? Just don't forget the wandering bleeps and bloops, or the down-n-dirty drunken beats, or, especially, the full-on cyber-funk swagger.

The Whip It Up EP is available courtesy of Atom River

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Theophilus London

Theophilus London - Last Name London
Theophilus London - Girls Girls $

With versatile, throw-back hip-pop beats and soulful synth-infused hooks, frisky themes/wordplay, and a deliciously vintage, yet oh-so appropriately timely sound... what's not to dig about Timez Are Weird These Days? (on a side note: times really have been kinda... different... lately, don't cha agree?) Don't think too hard about this one, kids - this full-length is a compelling, feel-good, and straight-up fun listen, from beginning to end. Just don't forget your dancin' shoes.

Timez Are Weird These Days is available HERE

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids - Get Right
The Cool Kids - Swimsuits (ft. Mayer Hawthorne)

Kinda crazy to me that it's been a whole decade since graduating from college, but, the summer after getting that $$$$ sheet of paper, N*E*R*D ruled my tape deck/portable cd player. Ten years later and still a sucka for crunchy-electronic funk-hop. Upon first listen of The Cool Kids latest release, When Fish Ride Bicycles, it took me right back to those hot summer months of not knowing what was in my future. Little did I know just how much it would be exactly the same, nowadays, except that the vehicle I bought that year would be immobilized and still my whip. FUCK!

When Fish Ride Bicycles is available courtesy of Green Label Sound

Monday, August 1, 2011

Young Magic

Young Magic - You With Air

For the past few months we've been wearing out the digital grooves on this impressive lil' single by experimental electronic one-man project, Young Magic... It's a quickie of an EP, for sure, but it's also slightly sinister, hypnotic, and thoroughly intoxicating... and it's got us pretty excited to see what Young Magic conjures up in the future.

You With Air / Sparkly is available courtesy of Young Music and Carpark