Friday, August 26, 2011


CANT - Too Late, Too Far
CANT - Answer

Much like Proust and the taste of his beloved madeleines (read a fucking book sometime, heathens), music has a funny way of jolting buried memories back into place - and the amount of time I've spent lately listening to Dreams Come True is definitely gonna trigger some nostalgic shit from this summer (good and bad), when I listen to this album again years from now, on a whim. Don't be afraid. This debut solo album by Grizzly Bear vocalist/producer Chris Taylor (with top-notch production, wonderful/enchanting percussion, and lush, hypnotic melodies) is bound to bury itself deep down into all of your pathetic lil' psyches as well, and you're gonna love every single second of it.

Dreams Come True will be released on September 13th, via Terrible Records