Monday, August 22, 2011

Free The Robots

Free The Robots - Rattlesnake

Been pumpin' the new Mind's Eye EP since we copped it a few days back and it's most certainly hitting all the right kind of places. We've cultivated a love affair with Free The Robots over the last couple of years (as evidenced by our drooling over Ctrl Alt Delete HERE, and the split release with Exile HERE, and the collab with Busdriver HERE), and this new 5-track collection of warbles/wobbles and crunchy beats is quite a savory treat, indeed. I know a buncha you peeps aren't gonna appreciate this as much as we do, so be warned: these are some dirty dirty, hypnotic, crushing tracks of sci-fi glitch and doom for y'all to try to wrap your little heads around.

The Mind's Eye EP is available courtesy of Alpha Pup Records