Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holiday Shores

Holiday Shores - Shadie Spun Gold
Holiday Shores - Threepeat Got Old
Holiday Shores - Spells

"New Masses for Squaw Peak gifts unto us bold, surprising new textures and denser, cheekier ideas and themes. It’s packed tight with style: gauze-flange experimentation; jazz-chord death-pop; shifty proto-prog; historical and personal mythologies weaved through its passages. Yet, claustrophobic it is not. New Masses for Squaw Peak is as wide-open of a landscape as its title may suggest. It is also a well-traveled collection of songs: Laid to tape in the belly of an abandon Philadelphia textile factory; run through three mixing boards by three separate sets of hands; and ultimately sculpted into its final form by the gentlemen who conjured it in the first place."

Want more? Check out the bonus video of Threepeat Got Old, after the jump.

* For the locals: Holiday Shores will be performing at this year's Summer Jam 7 at the New World Brewery stage on Saturday, August 27th

New Masses For Squaw Peak will be released on September 13th, via Twosyllable Records