Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Knxwledge - Preservatives
Knxwledge - Spektrum
Knxwledge - FindAWay

Wonky-beatmaker/producer Knxwledge has been droppin' fresh collections of off-kilter tracks at a break-neck pace this year - with the retrospective Old.Klouds LP following last month's release of Hexual.Sealings (and then quickly book-ended with the brand-new-by-comparison Komposure EP). Think quickie beat snippets of sampled dialogue, atmospheric synths, and weirdo-yet-oh-so-tasty jazz/hip-hop infused loops - and all of it delivered in rapid-fire succession, so just make sure to catch your breath and keep up.

Old.Klouds is available courtesy of Knxwledge