Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Jam 7: Today!

Oh, man - I can't believe it's been seven years since the inception of this dope, anything-goes local event, and we're pretty sure that everyone who's anyone already knows what to expect. And look at this! The Liquid Jesus crew is gonna be playing music between sets - and at New World Brewery of all places - so you better believe it when we say that Walker's prolly gonna be drunk, and Delach's prolly gonna be drunk (and feeling sorry for himself, per usual), and Colonic's gonna be stumbling around like the OG hustler he is, all night long (he'll be drunk, too). I've heard there's also gonna be a buncha pretty great bands performing as well, plus a few other DJs buddies at Crowbar who will definitely maintain their composure a lot better than we will at the other end of Ybor.

Highly recommended, of course, so just make sure all you fools show up today for this boozy, multi-venue summertime tradition.

Summer Jam 7
5pm • $16 day of event
New World Brewery & Crowbar • Ybor City