Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flash Bang Grenada

Flash Bang Grenada - Beat My Bitch
Flash Bang Grenada - Moisturizer

File this one under: FUCK YEAH! This dope 'n' dirty and hella fun hip-hop collab between witty wordsmiths Nocando and Busdriver is an almost all-around ace-as-fuck album (but what's up with the hack Microsoft Paint cover artwork, guys?) from start to finish. Think impressive/eclectic production (served up by the likes of Liquid Jesus faves Mexicans With Guns, Free The Robots, and Nosaj Thing among others) and smolderingly-spit pun-infused rhymes that are strangely introspective, chock full of braggadocio, funny as hell, and borderline head-scratchingly bizarre. Do it. Do it now.

10 Haters is available courtesy of Hellfyre Club