Thursday, September 29, 2011

We Rise Again! Liquid Jesus Returns: Tonight!

We Rise Again

It's been a long, long while since we've thrown a party of our own, but guess what? It's on again TONIGHT at Crowbar, and we're gonna celebrate in style! Especially now that Liquid Jesus is a certifiable, award-winning entity (dubbed 'Best Musical Informant' by our lil' buddies over at Creative Loafing). That's right. Someone out there must really dig our crazy tastes in music, self-deprecating style of overly-enthusiastic run-on sentences, wildly abusive use of potty-language, made-up adjectives, and just plain stupid tongue-in-cheek humor. Or maybe it's just all of the beards and booze.

In any case, come on out for a drink or two. It's a FREE party with great drink specials, and this time we've got the ENTIRE Liquid Jesus family representing: RIG, Colonic, Delach, Ms. Mollie Gondi, Walker, Darrell Darrell, and Mes McDonald! See you tonight, boys and girls!

$2 PBRs
$3 Jim Morrison shots
$4 Blast Extra Tall Boys
$5 Jamesons
$6 Liters

Doors at 10:00 • NO COVER • 18+
Crowbar: 1812 N. 17th St. • Tampa, FL