Saturday, December 17, 2011

Skull Tape

Skull Tape - Fable Of The Bees
Skull Tape - Trans Anthro

Seeing as how it was released early in the year, and with relatively little recognition, it seems that The Invisible Hand And The Descent Of Man full-length has slipped under the radar for, I think, pretty much everyone… which is a shame, since Skull Tape is a slightly altered reincarnation of the inimitable Mae Shi - and that warrants a real big holy shit! from us, obviously. This thing is energetic as hell and cheerful to a fault, with lotsa anthemic sing-along tracks (plenty of "whoa-ohs" and "ooh-ahs" spread throughout), but be warned - there are also some surprisingly dark, devilish lyrics/themes swirling amongst the sugary-sweet pop hooks and dance beats. Which is right up our alley, of course.

The Invisible Hand And The Descent Of Man is available via LA's Fine