Wednesday, April 25, 2012


El-P - The Full Retard
El-P - Drones Over BKLYN

Been looking forward to this one for a looong time, 'cause it's been (interrupted only by an occasional mixtape), what? - five years since I'll Sleep When You're Dead? So let's get obnoxious with it as beat alchemist El-P returns, all chomping at the bit and vengeful-like, with Cancer For Cure (helped along by guests Mr. Muthafuckin' Esquire, Danny Brown, Killer Mike, Despot, and Nick Diamonds), featuring the always impressive and delightfully disturbing rhymes of a madman producer who's well versed in paranoia flecked eschatology theory and a healthy home-grown distrust in everything. Plus! Extra doom and don't-give-a-fuck beats everywhere, natch.

Cancer For Cure will be released on May 22nd, via Fat Possum