Monday, August 6, 2012

Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors - Offspring Are Blank
Dirty Projectors - Buckle Up *

Even the mostest of the most discerning of our audiophile friends (read: music snobs) just can't get enough of Dirty Projectors and their brand new Swing Lo Magellan full length, with all of its downright inventive avant-garde-ish complexities and swirling, almost hypnotic choruses of intertwining vocal harmonies... After all, these are the same peeps who wouldn't shut the fuck up about the swoon-worthy 2009 Bitte Orca masterpiece. But we don't mind, 'cause we're real big fans as well, ya know?

Good news for the locals. Dirty Projectors are performing tonight at The Beacham in Orlando.

* from the limited tour 7"

Swing Lo Magellan is available courtesy of Domino Records