Monday, August 27, 2012

The Fresh & Onlys

The Fresh & Onlys - 20 Days And 20 Nights
The Fresh & Onlys - Yes Or No

The upcoming Long Slow Dance full-length by Californian psych quartet The Fresh & Onlys is a leisurely listen full of fun and breezy upbeat guitar-pop that's brimming with lotsa lo-fi jangles, and vintage surf-rock hooks spread throughout. Influences tend to range between doo-wop/surf-sound combos, with a lil' bit of Shins-esque shimmery string-work and Morrissey-reminscent vocal croonings (ala The Smiths tunes of old) tossed in for good measure.

Long Slow Dance will be released on September 4th, courtesy of Mexican Summer