Friday, October 12, 2012


Brasstronaut - Francisco
Brasstronaut - Mean Sun

We're gonna go ahead and give the boys of Brasstronaut a little bit more love and shout out the newish Mean Sun full length (since we kinda slept on its release for a while), right here and right now. The criminally overlooked (in our opinion) Mt. Chimaera long player from a few years back was a Liquid Jesus top fave for quite a while, with its gorgeous orchestral arrangements and down-tempo, somber subtleties hitting all of our sweet spots, like, all of the time. Don't make assumptions on this one. These atmospheric melodies contain enough soul and swing to win you over - and I feel pretty confident saying that - especially after watching our Bricks buddies bounce to the infectious bass beats offa the Opportunity EP title track for, what? like, six whole months while we warmed up our weekly set.

Highly recommended.

Mean Sun is available courtesy of Brasstronaut