Monday, November 5, 2012


Deerhoof - Fete d'Adieu
Deerhoof - The Trouble With Candyhands

Our love for Deerhoof's patchwork brand of spastically delivered guitars, off-time drumming/samples, and singer Satomi Matsuzaki's charmingly girlish vocals is well documented, but it's still a wonder how this 18-year-old band maintains the level of playfully earnest energy they've been sonically documenting since releasing their debut LP in 1997. It all continues on their latest where Matsuzaki's "WTF did she just say" lyrics and delivery get mashed up alongside Greg Saunier's deceptively genius smorgasbord of cascading drums and more crunchy keyboard and guitar parts than your ears can probably handle.

*For locals willing to drive: Deerhoof will be performing on November 9 at The Plaza Live in Orlando as a part of the Accidental Music Festival

Breakup Song is available via Polyvinyl