Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Florida Kilos

Florida Kilos - Daytona

This short-but-sweet slab of lo-fi, Florida-centric throwback beach tunes by sexy troubadour trio Florida Kilos makes this local boy swoon in ways I never thought possible. (We should probably insert some kind of quickie disclaimer right here, 'cause the Liquid Jesus crew has done a serious amount of drinking with this part-time partners in crime pack of lil' lovelies in the past, but nah - we're not gonna bother you with details, no matter how sordid.) Just think jangly, doo-wop-inspired melodies and dreamy vocals dotted with ooohs and ahhhs and other sock-hop-esque harmonics, drunken seaside escapades (with a healthy dose of hallucinogenics), vintage leather, and tequila. I mean, really, an exceptional amount of tequila.

Want more? Check out the video for Clearwater Blues (My Baby Joined A Cult), available after the jump.

Clearwater Blues / Daytona is available courtesy of Florida Kilos