Thursday, February 28, 2013

And So I Watch You From Afar

And So I Watch You From Afar - Big Thinks Do Remarkable
And So I Watch You From Afar - Like A Mouse

I bet the fine gentlemen in And So I Watch You From Afar are a lot of fun at parties 'cause the new All Hail Bright Futures full length is a veritable party packaged in itself, and it's a fun frenzy of dueling instrumental attacks and marching beats and horns and occasional gang vocals. And more! Just beware of falling debris caused by all of the stops and starts and turn-on-a-dime hooks, hammer-ons, and guitar noodle goodness, plus all sorts of other technical shit that I don't completely comprehend. Because I'm a dumbass.

All Hail Bright Futures will be released on March 19th, courtesy of ASIWYFA and Sergeant House

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Suuns - Edie's Dream
Suuns - Bambi

Get ready. The weirdo, forward-thinking boys in Suuns are set to release another collection of Ă¼ber-experimental electronic rock sounds, ranging from the surreal and dreamy/ambient to the yelping-slash-throbbing-slash-whatever they feel like doing next on their sophomore long-player release, Images du Futur.

Images du Futur will be released on March 5th, via Secretly Canadian

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii - Try To Be
Blue Hawaii - Sierra Lift

Mysterious Montréaler duo Blue Hawaii showcases some seriously sublime production chops and couples chilly electronic bits 'n' pieces with glitchy, pitch-shifted vocal melodies and threads of wispy atmospherics on the seemingly sparse yet complex and highly textured Untogether debut full-length. Think downtempo and minimally structured tracks with loops and subtle sounds and synth fragments spread throughout. Um, also, Raphaelle sings full-time in Braids, if that matters to you at all.

Untogether will be released on March 5th, via Arbutus Records

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


PVT - Evolution
PVT - Nightfall

I know what you're thinking. The uninitiated might do a double-take or two 'cause PVT can come across as kinda kooky sometimes... But have no fear, 'cause this eclectic trio never fails to bridge that gap between experimental-yet-palatable and still strange enough to keep us scratching our heads in anticipation. Still, you're definitely not gonna know what to expect next. Lemme put this way: The only real difference between all of those tired radio tunes everyone's been overindulging on for forever now and the neato complexities of electronic vs analog vs all the weirdo shit in between on the new Homosapien long-player is, like, everything.

Homosapien is available courtesy of PVT and Felte

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Mogwai - Kill Jester
Mogwai - Modern

Yep. The previous Les Revenants EP was a mere preliminary warm-up for this sprawling follow-up full-length scored by the inimitable instrumental maestros in Mogwai, so expect even more haunting processionals of equal parts misery and majesty, the somber slow dirge sounds of interwoven cello and piano, and the occasional strangely uplifting anthemic opus that contrasts nicely with the rest of the eerie bits on this gorgeous OST. It is the score to a zombie series, after all.

The Les Revenants Soundtrack will be released on February 25th, courtesy of Rock Action

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lord Huron

Lord Huron - She Lit A Fire
Lord Huron - The Man Who Lives Forever

Folk is a tired and tried genre, but every now and then a band comes along that breathes new life into the centuries old art form. Los Angeles-based, but with a Michigan Heart, Ben Schneider -- the mastermind behind Lord Huron -- put out a pair of EPs in 2010 and has finally arrived with a debut full-length -- last year's Lonesome Dreams. Upbeat without being bubbly, piled on top of layers and layers of organic instrumentation married with subtle electronic sequences, and rife with field sounds galore, Lonesome is an LP for the city dweller looking to escape without leaving.

* For the locals: Lord Huron will be performing at Gasparilla Music Festival on March 9th at Curtis Hixon Park in Tampa

Lonesome Dreams is available now, via IAMSOUND Records

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Starfucker - While I'm Alive
Starfucker - Atlantis

We fell real hard for Reptilians a few years back and now the seductive grooves and sexy synth swagger on Miracle Mile, the airy and playful electronica-influenced romp of a long-player by dance-pop heartthrobs Starfucker (also alternately known, now, by the cleaned-up and slightly less offensive abbreviated STRFKR alias, or however else you wanna roll with it, I guess), is rekindling this ongoing love-affair with its tasty melodies and catchy hooks galore. Swoon swoon swoon all over again.

Miracle Mile will be released on February 19th, courtesy of Polyvinyl

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Warm Soda

Warm Soda - Violent Blue
Warm Soda - Diamond Ring

Making up for lost time after the sudden demise of Bare Wires, here's a taste of Mr. Matthew Melton's newest project, ie: Warm Soda and the debut Someone For You full length, so expect a ton of catchy hooks and hot guitar licks and lotsa big choruses and glittery glam vs badass punk attitudes on this '70s-inspired power-pop platter.

Someone For You is available courtesy of Castle Face Records

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pissed Jeans

Pissed Jeans - Bathroom Laughter
Pissed Jeans - Health Plan

Not just yes, but FUCKING HELL YES for angsty punk-raucous-hardcore-noise pals Pissed Jeans and their thick slabs of dirty guitar work and distorted noise and visceral vocal peals on the metaphorical middle-finger of a long-player that is the new album Honeys. It's loud and angry and sweaty and scathing and maybe a little bit boozy, too. And I like that a lot.

Honeys will be released on February 12th, courtesy of Sub Pop

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Haunted Hearts

Haunted Hearts - Something That Feels Bad Is...

This husband/wife Crocodiles + Dum Dum Girls love affair side project with naughty naughty NSFW cover artwork (that undoubtedly violates at least one of our TOS somewhere, I'm sure) will be the best aural sex you've had in a long, long time. The Something That Feels Bad Is Something That Feels Good b/w House Of Lords single slash EP is short and sweet for sure, but not short on hypnotic garage/psych rock combos and endless bouncing basslines and unabashed no-holds-barred attitudes all around. And it's officially released on Tuesday. Also, I'm a fan.

Something That Feels Bad Is Something That Feels Good b/w House Of Lords will be released on February 5th via Zoo Music