Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mixed Blood Majority

Mixed Blood Majority - Fine Print
Mixed Blood Majority - Ritual (ft. Kristoff Krane)

This whole Mixed Blood Majority collaboration pairs up Crescent Moon and Joe Horton (Kill The Vultures and No Bird Sing, respectively) with Doomtree affiliate Lazerbeak - Minneapolis peeps, all. Featuring percussion-heavy production skills and a sometimes straightforward, sometimes minimalist series of beats alongside the witty, often biting banter between two veteran lyricists, natch.

Mixed Blood Majority is available courtesy of Mixed Blood Majority and F to I to X

Friday, March 29, 2013


Lapalux - Guuurl
Lapalux - Straight Over My Head

Brainfeeder producer Lapalux wobbles/churns in and out like a fever dream throughout most of the new Nostalchic full length and I can easily foresee some of y'all getting mighty confused while attempt to discern between the solid, soulful bits 'n' pieces and the more bewildering moments of borderline noise and disarray. Yeah, sure, some tracks are more accessible than others, obviously, but I always really hate it when peeps complain about "listenability" or whatever, so now I'm not quite sure why I even mentioned it at all.

Nostalchic is available courtesy of Brainfeeder

Monday, March 25, 2013


Bleached - Next Stop
Bleached - Searching Through The Past

The sister sirens in Bleached compose infectiously energetic power-pop with a very noticeable nod to '70s punk/rock 'n' roll plus lil' bits of twee tossed in, so yeah - sorry if I just can't help but recall some of my more formative years whilst listening to their nostalgic Ride Your Heart debut. Think lovely vocals and catchy garage/surfy sounds, and wistful love songs tinged with a teenage angst that lasts years and years longer than it should.

Ride Your Heart will be released on April 2nd, via Dead Oceans

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Amp Live

Amp Live - Color Me (Intro)
Amp Live - D.H.E.A.

The unpredictable and all-around WTF approach of Amp Live's new Kaleidoscope Theory has tracks shifting and drifting into one another without warning as the beat-maker/producer half of Zion I steps back from the full-frontal electrofunk of Murder At The Discotech and into a whole 'nother set of innovative complexities and song structure switch-a-roos on this freeform jazz-influenced, impromptu-esque extended-play recording.

Kaleidoscope Theory is available in its entirety as a FREE download, courtesy of Amp Live and Plug Research. Click HERE to get it.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Myka 9 & Factor

Myka 9 & Factor - Sovereign Soul
Myka 9 & Factor - Bask In These Rays (ft. Astronautalis & Ceschi)

Myka 9 and Factor released Sovereign Soul a couple three months back or so, but I've been listening to it again a whole lot lately and wondering why I never shouted it out way back when, when I should've. Who knows? For a better idea of what yer missing, just take wordsmith-wizard tongue-twister anecdotes and a palette of quirky/catchy beats with bits of funk and soul and squealing guitar licks, and then toss in a whole slew of conversational acrobatics featuring the likes of Open Mike Eagle, Ceschi, Astronautalis, Moka Only, and more. And then this is what you get.

Sovereign Soul is available courtesy of Fake Four, Inc.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Black Bug

Black Bug - Reflecting The Light
Black Bug - Police Helicopter

Reflecting The Light is full of dark and ominous arrangements from the weirdo Black Bug duo (trio?), with bits of playful nihilism oozing out from everywhere, so niceties be damned, you know? Think raw power of dirty punk chords vs. dismal and oh-so eerie noir synth progression (somewhat reminiscent of the booming aesthetics of The Soft Moon and maybe even a lil' bit of a stripped-down Mind Spiders, perhaps) vs. a warped lo-fi goodness that creeps man, it creeps. I'm rocking this one so hard I want it inside me.

Want more? Check out the video for Mask, available after the jump.

Reflecting The Light will be released on March 26th, via Hozac

Monday, March 18, 2013


Flume - On Top (ft. T. Shirt)
Flume - Insane (ft. Moon Holiday)

Been listening to this debut LP from Aussie producer Flume for the past couple weeks and now I can't seem to get some of these glitchy snippets and dirty quirk bangers outta my head. I can't complain too much, though, 'cause this self-titled long-player is chock full of fresh tracks and diverse beats, loopy electronics, eclectic collaborations, and a nifty palette of sampled goodness to hold it all together.

Flume is available courtesy of Mom + Pop

Monday, March 11, 2013


Javelin - Nnormal
Javelin - Airfield

Hi Beams shows off a little bit more of this fabled electronic duo's ever-evolving song-writing coherency and pop-making skills than the 8-bit synth-beat free-for-all on No Más (man, the weirdos in Javelin use to really get us going, huh?), all while retaining the same levels of impromptu dance-party fun that always made it so much, er... fun to listen to 'em in the first place.

Hi Beams is available courtesy of Luaka Bop

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spray Paint

Spraypaint - Yawn Factory
Spraypaint - Dripping The Rails

I'm not entirely sure of how to go about describing the unabashed noise and creeping chord progressions and yelpy distortion from these Spray Paint fellows... Wire meets The Monorchid, perhaps? Hard to say, but their new self-titled LP sure is tickling my fancy anyways, one short stab of herky-jerky dissonance at a time, and what's especially delightful is their refreshing-yet-discordant avant-whatever attitude of punchy, weirdo no-fi and off-kilter dueling guitars and a don't-give-a-fuck demo-tape approach that I miss from the days of actual demo-tapes.

Spray Paint is available courtesy of S.S. Records

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Men

The Men - I Saw Her Face
The Men - Electric

New Moon showcases the ever-evolving ambitions of Brooklyn dudes The Men, shifting away, incrementally, from the sweaty raucousness of last year's Open Your Heart LP and slipping into a decidedly different sound that dabbles in jangly americana melodies, drinking ballads, and harmonica/slide guitar twang combos. Which, apparently, has been garnering massive amounts of both critical praise and perplexed disappointment, like, all over the place. But I don't think that The Men give a shit about what you or anyone else has to say, anyways.

New Moon is available courtesy of Sacred Bones