Monday, April 22, 2013

Lilacs & Champagne

Lilacs & Champagne - Sour / Sweet
Lilacs & Champagne - Le Grand

We wore out the digital grooves offa the debut self-titled effort from Grails peeps' producer project Lilacs & Champagne a little over a year ago, so follow-up LP Danish & Blue is an especially tasty treat, ya hear? More psych sounds in a loungey beat haze, all cult film OST style, with tons more dusty samples, crackling audio fragments, and brooding atmospherics for y'all to sink yer lil' teeth into.

Danish & Blue will be released on April 23rd, via Mexican Summer

Friday, April 19, 2013


Alpine - Hands
Alpine - Gasoline

Light 'n' breezy siren-song Aussie act Alpine is finally getting a stateside release of their kinda/sorta-ish self-titled and shimmering A Is For Alpine full length after charming the pants offa everyone else in the world who's already heard it. Colonic digs it 'cause it's cutesy and airy and inventive all at the same time, and we think you guys are gonna love it, too.

A Is For Alpine will be released on May 21st, via Votiv Records

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Knife

The Knife - A Tooth For An Eye

I'm sure you've got an opinion about this one already, but for what it's worth The Knife released their Shaking The Habitual double (or triple, depending on your preferred format) album a couple weeks back and because of just how massive this thing is - both in runtime and in conceptual scope - I've been stuck wading through its layers of chilling synth and quirky percussionary accoutrements and twisting bits of noise abstraction and esoteric constructs ever since.

Shaking The Habitual is available courtesy of Rabid Records

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Appleseed Cast

The Appleseed Cast - Great Lake Derelict
The Appleseed Cast - North Star Ordination

While they might be the seemingly odd man out offa the otherwise bonkers Graveface roster, mid-west indie outfit The Appleseed Cast are gonna absolutely shine regardless of whatever company they may keep. Don't agree? Check out the soaring post-rock hymns and warm, melodic subtleties and gorgeous, echoing choruses on this, their eighth full length, Illumination Ritual. And then try to tell me otherwise.

* For the locals: The Appleseed Cast will be performing on Tuesday, July 16th at Crowbar in Ybor City

Illumination Ritual will be released on April 23rd, courtesy of Graveface Records

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fol Chen

Fol Chen - A Tourist Town
Fol Chen - You Took The Train

These weirdos in Fol Chen are getting real good at perfecting their brand of sugary lullaby-esque pop with layers upon layers of glittery, quirky synth-beats and staggering stop-n-go changes. Hard to describe, guys - just remember that The False Alarms is half-n-half tracks of bubbling playfulness, and then about-face, straight into arrangements alternately icy and foreboding, with (all the while) sauntering, sexy vocals that just make me melt.

Want more? Check out the video for 200 Words, after the jump.

The False Alarms is available courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Thermals

The Thermals - Born To Kill
The Thermals - You Will Find Me

I still can't believe that I get this excited about the Thermals and their big chords and chunky guitar/bass combos and sweaty, adrenaline-fueled, sing-along-styled anthemic choruses, even after listening to 'em, and completely digging the shit outta every single one of their albums, for the past ten or so years. We've gone over all of this before, but if you want to hear something that truly gets me going, without fail, this is it.

Desperate Ground will be released on April 16th, via Saddle Creek