Friday, May 17, 2013


Mokhov - Magic Times
Mokhov - Sun Clouds

Electronic producer Mokhov makes music that sounds like it's been retroactively crafted as a soundtrack to every single cross-country drive I've ever been on. Or something like that. I usually ignore blurbs penned by artists trying to hype themselves, but in this case the self-proclaimed Boards Of Canada and Four Tet similarities are actually fairly accurate 'cause I can definitely hear influences from both, and I can easily see fans of also-similar-sounding peeps like Tycho and Yppah getting down with the dreamy beats and atmospherics on Magic Times as well. So there.

Magic Times is available courtesy of Mokhov


DARN1T said...

wow name drop Tycho, Yppah, BoC & Tet?!?! How can I not DL this? thanks yo.

Liquid Jesus said...

Haha. It is a fairly impressive list of influences, I guess. I hope I'm not completely wrong with it.