Saturday, June 22, 2013


Generationals - Durga II
Generationals - Spinoza

The day is finally here. Tomorrow, New Orleans' own Generationals are going to bring the record that is soundtracking out summer to life in hot and sweaty fashion at one of our favorite joints, New World Brewery. If you prefer living in caves and sweatpants, then you might not be a fan of Heza's eternally blissful vocals, a million-times-better-than-an-Instagram-filter dusty beats, and joyous bells and guitar lines, but if you're anything like me, then listening to this record probably makes you want to hop on your bike with a few beers in your system and simply enjoy the breeze and Vitamin D.

* For the locals: Generationals will be performing at New World Brewery tomorrow, and our pals at Suburban Apologist are giving away a pair of tickets and a copy of Heza on clear vinyl, click HERE for details.

Heza is out now, via Polyvinyl Records