Friday, June 21, 2013

Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós - Brennisteinn

This one is a darker, dirtier beast than you might be expecting from your favorite Icelandic space-rock trio, but while Kveikur tends to lean toward a more aggressive and crashing-down-all-around-you sound than the decidedly more whimsical and delicate in nature material from preceding releases, this thing is still just as majestic and gorgeous and uplifting as anything else you could hope for.

Kveikur is available courtesy of XL


DARN1T said...

Love the blog and your taste in music is extremely close to mine to the point that I fear you can access my hard drive at times...

Anyway, would like to recommend something I think you will dig... Jagwar Ma - Howlin' (2013). May very well be the best summer album I have ever heard. Just in time!

Thanks keep doing your thing man.

Liquid Jesus said...

Glad you're diggin the blog. I grabbed a copy of Jagwar Ma and I'm really liking what I hear. Thanks for the heads up!