Sunday, August 25, 2013


DIANA - Strange Attraction

DIANA (in all caps for some reason) crafts some seriously nostalgic, funk-infused synth-pop that's just dripping with sax and sultry vocals, and the ├╝ber retro vibes on Perpetual Surrender make it a pretty perfect soundtrack for anyone who find themselves reminiscing over the bouncy bass sounds and icy electronic compositions of the 1980s.

Perpetual Surrender is available courtesy of Jagjaguwar

Friday, August 23, 2013


Crocodiles - I Like It In The Dark
Crocodiles - Virgin

After slobbering over their first three albums (HERE, HERE, HERE + the Haunted Hearts side project), I think it's pretty safe to say that there's already a very special place in my heart for the fine fellows in Crocodiles. I also think it's safe to tell y'all that Crimes Of Passion is another thick and juicy slab of sounds to sink yer teeth into, all while expanding the duo's familiar set of sugary-sweet psych-grooves into a brand new slew of sprawling fuzz-pop anthems. Upbeat and summery-sounding, for sure, but still pretty dark 'n' dirty on the underbelly - think slightly sleazy love songs and nostalgic raucous 'n' roll romps with throw-back themed guitar melodies, plunking piano keys, a chorus of horns, and hazy feedback - and I think by now you'd have already gotten the idea.

Crimes Of Passion is available courtesy of French Kiss

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Jel - La Resolve

Avant-garde indie hip hop artist slash producer slash jack-of-all-trades Jel has kept himself quite busy over the past few years with other projects like Themselves and Subtle and 13 & God, so all of his actual solo releases since Soft Money have either been mixtapes of experimental miscellany or unreleased track collections of sorts. Late Pass, however, is a proper album, finally, and it's a fairly laid-back and murky listen, with the some real neato twists and turns and woozy beat experiments and murmuring stream-of-consciousness styled bits of existentialist doubt - or wisdom, depending on your interpretation - spread throughout.

Late Pass is available courtesy of Anticon.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pop. 1280

Pop. 1280 - Lights Out
Pop. 1280 - Human Probe II

Man, I loved loved loved Six Finger Satellite (I still do) and I'm pretty sure that the boys in Pop. 1280 are big fans, too, because there's absolutely no way in hell that Imps Of Perversion came into being without a healthy dose of Law Of Ruins influencing its tracks of discombobulated space-noise-post-punk-rock and dirty, droning bass beats and gritty feedback. The similarities are uncanny - all of the creeping synths, and peals of caustic bits and pieces, and howling vocals, and snarls, and the all around angsty goodness - there's gotta be an acknowledged wink and a nod to 6FS, right? Or maybe it's just a big coincidence. Either way, I'm not complaining, because now I love love love Pop. 1280 as well.

Imps Of Perversion is available courtesy of Sacred Bones

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Demon Queen

Demon Queen - El Camino 2
Demon Queen - Despise The Lie (ft. Isaiah Toothtaker)

Oh man. I'm trying to contain myself, but it's tough, 'cause I'm excited as hell about the Exorcise Tape long-player, which sounds exactly like what you would expect when Tobacco, the brains behind the seminal Black Moth Super Rainbow operation/outfit and just plain all-around weirdo, teams up with lo-fi desert nomad slash eclectic sound savant Zackey Force Funk (and a couple of his Machina Muerte peeps, for good measure). For those not in the know, the first incarnation of these co-conspirators appeared on Tobacco's LA UTI collab EP, duh, and then evolved into a case of full-blown Demon Queen over the past few years. The result is an unabashed barrage of dirty electronic beats and lurching loops, with a slurred and kinda sleazy vocal delivery and lots of warped melodies plus extra-bizarro miscellany strewn everywhere along the way.

Exorcise Tape is available courtesy of Rad Cult