Friday, August 23, 2013


Crocodiles - I Like It In The Dark
Crocodiles - Virgin

After slobbering over their first three albums (HERE, HERE, HERE + the Haunted Hearts side project), I think it's pretty safe to say that there's already a very special place in my heart for the fine fellows in Crocodiles. I also think it's safe to tell y'all that Crimes Of Passion is another thick and juicy slab of sounds to sink yer teeth into, all while expanding the duo's familiar set of sugary-sweet psych-grooves into a brand new slew of sprawling fuzz-pop anthems. Upbeat and summery-sounding, for sure, but still pretty dark 'n' dirty on the underbelly - think slightly sleazy love songs and nostalgic raucous 'n' roll romps with throw-back themed guitar melodies, plunking piano keys, a chorus of horns, and hazy feedback - and I think by now you'd have already gotten the idea.

Crimes Of Passion is available courtesy of French Kiss