Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pop. 1280

Pop. 1280 - Lights Out
Pop. 1280 - Human Probe II

Man, I loved loved loved Six Finger Satellite (I still do) and I'm pretty sure that the boys in Pop. 1280 are big fans, too, because there's absolutely no way in hell that Imps Of Perversion came into being without a healthy dose of Law Of Ruins influencing its tracks of discombobulated space-noise-post-punk-rock and dirty, droning bass beats and gritty feedback. The similarities are uncanny - all of the creeping synths, and peals of caustic bits and pieces, and howling vocals, and snarls, and the all around angsty goodness - there's gotta be an acknowledged wink and a nod to 6FS, right? Or maybe it's just a big coincidence. Either way, I'm not complaining, because now I love love love Pop. 1280 as well.

Imps Of Perversion is available courtesy of Sacred Bones