Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Liars - Mask Maker
Liars - Mess On A Mission

The weirdo jack-of-all-trade trio of musicians in avant-outfit Liars have blown through experimental, self-created genres like there’s no tomorrow over the last decade or so - and this brand new long-player upholds that tradition of skirting quick-and-easy stylisms in exchange for continuing quirk and off-the-wall switch-a-roo sounds. So, even if I had the proper words for Mess, I’m not sure I’d know where to begin.

Mess is available courtesy of Mute

Friday, March 21, 2014


Grayskul - I Adapt (ft. Solillaquists Of Sound)
Grayskul - Not Going Anywhere (ft. Aesop Rock)

Featuring themes and story-telling skills from the dark/dreary crevices of Seattle (with a slew of guest spots by Raekwon, Reva Devito, Solillaquists of Sound, and more), and weirdo hip hop beats + way out-of-left-field production from god-knows-where (courtesy of Aesop Rock, Moodie Black, and a few others), Zenith, by Pacific Northwest duo Grayskul, was released back during the fall of last year - approximately around the time you started reading this run-on sentence of a write-up.

Zenith is available courtesy of Fake Four, Inc.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Casket Girls

The Casket Girls - Same Side
The Casket Girls - Ashes To Embers

Juxtaposing the sugary-sweet, hypnotizing vocals of headlining siren sisters with a series of staggering hooks and eerie electronic grooves (courtesy of multi-instrumentalist mastermind and BMSR alum Ryan Graveface), True Love Kills the Fairy Tale is both heartfelt and haunting, carving out a sound that straddles genres with equal parts dream-pop and synth-psych-amalgamation-core or whatever, with otherworldly, druggy feels spread throughout its catchy hooks and distortion and fever-dream-esque atmospherics.

* For the locals: The Casket Girls will be performing on Wednesday, March 19th at Crowbar in Ybor City

True Love Kills the Fairy Tale is available courtesy of Graveface

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Tycho - Spectre

Hell yes. More gauzy, elegant ambience from Tycho mastermind Scott Hansen & co., following up on the gorgeous Dive full-length from a few years back... which was much swooned over ‘round these parts, and it’s safe to say that I’m crushing on Awake a wee bit as well. Think blissed-out, summery instrumentals made up of complex, yet oh-so-simplistic sounds that make you want to melt away, much like a pat of butter on top of a stack of hot pancakes. Or sex and drugs. Yeah, I’m a fan.

Awake will be released on March 18th, courtesy of Ghostly International

Thursday, March 6, 2014


RJD2 - Her Majesty’s Socialist Request
RJD2 - Bathwater (ft. P. Blackk)

More Is Than Isn’t got released several months back, but I’ve been listening to it again the past few days - quite a bit, actually - and I’m really looking forward to seeing RJD2 and his explosive turntable wizardry styles, this weekend, at the Gasparilla Music Festival. The uninitiated should expect quite a show, ‘cause whether he’s performing under one of his weirdo, sci-fi alter-egos, or contributing skills in a nifty side-project collaboration, my man is guaranteed to single-handedly obliterate beat genres in the most quirky and catchy and booty-shaking-est ways possible.

* For the locals: RJD2 will be performing on Saturday, March 8th at the Gasparilla Music Fest, Higher Ground Stage

More Is Than Isn't is available courtesy of RJ’s Electrical Connections