Friday, March 21, 2014


Grayskul - I Adapt (ft. Solillaquists Of Sound)
Grayskul - Not Going Anywhere (ft. Aesop Rock)

Featuring themes and story-telling skills from the dark/dreary crevices of Seattle (with a slew of guest spots by Raekwon, Reva Devito, Solillaquists of Sound, and more), and weirdo hip hop beats + way out-of-left-field production from god-knows-where (courtesy of Aesop Rock, Moodie Black, and a few others), Zenith, by Pacific Northwest duo Grayskul, was released back during the fall of last year - approximately around the time you started reading this run-on sentence of a write-up.

Zenith is available courtesy of Fake Four, Inc.