Thursday, March 6, 2014


RJD2 - Her Majesty’s Socialist Request
RJD2 - Bathwater (ft. P. Blackk)

More Is Than Isn’t got released several months back, but I’ve been listening to it again the past few days - quite a bit, actually - and I’m really looking forward to seeing RJD2 and his explosive turntable wizardry styles, this weekend, at the Gasparilla Music Festival. The uninitiated should expect quite a show, ‘cause whether he’s performing under one of his weirdo, sci-fi alter-egos, or contributing skills in a nifty side-project collaboration, my man is guaranteed to single-handedly obliterate beat genres in the most quirky and catchy and booty-shaking-est ways possible.

* For the locals: RJD2 will be performing on Saturday, March 8th at the Gasparilla Music Fest, Higher Ground Stage

More Is Than Isn't is available courtesy of RJ’s Electrical Connections