Monday, April 7, 2014


Wet - You’re The Best
Wet - No Lie

Is it really possible to develop a crush on someone, fall in love, then breakup and hate them within the span of one record? If you're Brooklyn-based trio Wet, then the answer is "yes" with a healthy dose of jangly-guitar driven synth-pop to boot. The band's self-titled EP is just four-songs long, but if you're not obsessed with frontwoman Kelly Zatrau after opening track "Dreams," then the next cut - "You're The Best" - will lock you into the kind of eternal-bliss/drunken drooling, oogling, and longing usually reserved for steamy nights on the patio of your favorite, dimly lit bar. It's all thanks to the cute, subtle auto-tune, programmed hand claps, and almost-creepy honesty Zaturau spills all over the record's 14-minutes. You almost feel like you completely wronged her as she almost cries on "I Don't Wanna Be Your Girl," but it all ends soon enough to remember it's all just pretend and start the whole thing over.

Wet is available now on Bandcamp