about liquid jesus

Liquid Jesus and all accompanying endeavors exist solely to promote quality music and the artists that produce it. The concept simple: we listen to music that moves us. Help us spread the good news.

On the identity tip, we like to think of Liquid Jesus as a Florida-based collective of music-enthusiasts, DJs, promoters, artists, and heavy-drinkers. A veritable grab-bag of like-minded, yet independently operating, scene sleeper-cells, if you will. Official members of the Liquid Jesus crew include RIG, Colonic, Delach, Jimmie Walker, Mollie Sue, Darrell Darrell, and Mes McDonald. If you're interested in reading up on more of our other semi-Liquid Jesus related projects and partners and friends, then head on over to our LINKS page.

Let's be honest here - half of us are pretty 'pop-culture conscious' and the other half doesn't even know what that means... but we figure that it's probably a good combo, especially when it comes down to putting on a fairly fun party, right? How 'bout we put it this way: We occasionally enjoy filling up the dance-floors, but it's often more fun to completely clear 'em by playing something no one's ever heard before. We dig the eclectic, the obscure, the downright catchy, and the stuff that'll get you shakin' your ass in no time flat. In other words, anything that we feel people should be listening to, as opposed to what they actually are. We are also big fans of drinking, and oftentimes quite heavily, in case you were wondering.

Liquid Jesus takes place every Thursday night at the Bricks in Ybor City.
(That's Tampa, FL for anyone who's not located here.)

Hear the best of brand spankin' new indie music of all genres. Get turned on to new artists, while the Bricks slings quality adult bevies and mouth-watering half-price martinis. Featuring an a la carte line-up from the Liquid Jesus roster (RIG, Colonic, Delach, Jimmie Walker, Mollie Sue, Darrell Darrell, and Mes McDonald) + special guests! Also, no cover. How 'bout that?

The Bricks of Ybor: 1327 E. 7th Ave. • Ybor City

So yeah, all of us associated with Liquid Jesus, as well as our affiliates and contributors, acknowledge that the majority of this content comes from copywritten and protected sources. If for any reason there is an issue with posted material, please contact us immediately and the content will be removed from the site. You can email us HERE